A Brand-new Theme Park Resort Is Set to Open Outside London in 2024 — and It Sounds Amazing

aerial view of The London Resort at night

Plans for an exciting and ambitious new theme park resort located less than 20 miles outside central London are shaping up — and so far, it looks incredible. Current plans for the £3.5 billion London Resort include the development of two theme parks, a water park, thousands of hotel rooms, ferry terminals on the Thames River, and much more in an area on the Swanscombe Peninsula in Kent. Just 17 miles from central London by train, The London Resort aims to open in 2024, if approved.

The first theme park would open in 2024, with a second park opening within five years of that. According to The London Resort's website, they're planning to have around 70% of the attractions undercover — perfect for the often-drizzly British weather. So, what can guests expect from this exciting new entertainment complex?

aerial view of The London Resort

The first theme park will be made up of six immersive lands covering a range of imaginative themes with their attractions and architecture. Guests will enter through The High Street — packed with shops, hotels, restaurants, a water park, and more — before reaching The Studios, described as a "gritty, modern-day warehouse district" with movie thrills, according to the website. The Woods will draw upon storybook fantasy in a land that puts a "fresh spin on beloved bedtime stories, fables, and fairy tales." Then there's The Kingdom, "an immersive realm of swords, sorcery, dragons, and legend."

The Isles promises impressive architecture and innovative rides in an area described as a "land of giant creatures, mythical beasts, and adventures at the crossroads of imagination and reality." Guests can explore overgrown ancient ruins in The Jungle or live out their sci-fi dreams at The Starport, with "futuristic experiences, alien encounters, and big-thrill rides."

Although it has been dubbed the "U.K. Disneyland" in the British media, the resort isn't affiliated with Disney. The London Resort has partnered with BBC, ITV Studios, and Paramount Pictures to bring their intellectual property (think movies, characters, shows, and more) to the resort. In addition to its proposed attractions, hotels, and entertainment venues, the impressive resort aims to become the "first operationally carbon-neutral theme park," according to a statement shared with Travel + Leisure.

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