Camping holidays: What you must do before a camping holiday – key items to never forget

Camping holidays require careful thought as much equipment is required to ensure the break goes off without a hitch. Britons turning to old camping gear stored away from their last camping holiday need to make sure it’s all clean and in good order. Here are four key things you must do ahead of a trip.


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Deep clean your tent

If you’re rooting out a tent from a previous holiday then it may well need a deep clean.

“Proper tent care and maintenance will go a long way in preserving your purchase,” explained the experts at German cleaning company Kärcher.

Shake the tent out to get rid of any loose dirt, grass or other materials that have been trapped inside.

A handheld cleaner will be useful for effectively removing dirt and cobwebs that have covered the tent.

Meanwhile, a thick microfibre cloth is helpful for cleaning areas such as sensitive tent walls, advised Kärcher.

It’s important that the tent is fully dry before you pack it up after the holiday, too.

Be sure to hang it up to dry out of direct sunlight at that could damage elements of the tent design.  

Wash camping equipment

It’s not just the tent that will need cleaning ahead of a camping holiday.

If you have folding chairs, tables and the such like make sure they’re still in good condition.

These may need cleaning too and a high-pressure washer could be useful for this.


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Clean cooking utensils

Hopefully, these were given a good wash after the last trip but sprucing cooking utensils up before use again is advisable.

Cleaning the stove and cooking utensils is a task that is often missed, but it’s important to remove any bacteria that may be on the surfaces, explained Kärcher.

Cooking utensils can be put in the dishwasher or soaked in some warm, soapy water.

Pack essentials

Heading off into the great outdoors requires campers to be prepared and a number of important items should not be forgotten.

Kärcher advises bringing warm clothes and waterproofs as it’s vital to be prepared for all weathers.

Batteries and first aid kits are also key.

It’s important to keep even minor cuts or scrapes clean and covered to prevent infection, and first aid kits should also contain other items like insect repellent and sunscreen which are useful to have with you. 

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