European airline Lufthansa turning economy seats into beds for flights

Lufthansa is trialling seats which can be turned into beds in its economy class – meaning a better night sleep while flying and the possibility of eliminating the need for business class.

The airline is testing the new option – called Sleeper’s Row – on its Boeing 747-8 planes between Frankfurt and Sao Paulo, but it could be rolled out across the entire long-haul fleet.

Passengers will be able to pay extra to have a whole row of three or four seats when travelling in economy, which no-one else will be able to sit in.

The airline will then provide a mattress, pillows and blanket so travellers can turn the seats into a bed.

It won’t have the luxury perks of First Class, but the blankets are from business class.

Not only will travellers be able to catch some shut-eye, but passengers who pay for the extra service will also be able to board before the rest of economy so that the bed can be set up.

The new seats to beds concept on board planes.Source:Supplied

The trial is currently being conducted on night flights, with testing to continue until next month.

Prices for the rows are expected to be around $350, although the airline will offer a “special price” according to local media.

Lufthansa isn’t the first airline to trial beds in economy.

Earlier this year, Air New Zealand revealed details of a prototype it has been working on for a proper flat bed in economy cabins, joining the airline’s Economy Skycouch option.

The sleep pods will be more than 2m long and 58cm wide and include a pillow, sheets and blanket, as well as ear plugs and a curtain across each bunk for privacy.

Designers have also come up with examples of how bunk beds or normal beds could work on flights.

Zephyr Aerospace came up with a plan for two tiers of seating inside the cabin, allowing each passenger to have a lie-flat seat.

The new seats to beds concept on planes.Source:Supplied

The seats would be built in rows of 2-4-2 across the cabin, so airlines wouldn’t have to reduce the number of passengers on each plane.

With flight capacity at an all-time low, most passengers will be able to lie down on their seats right now anyway.

The new seats to beds concept on board planes.Source:Supplied

Families who want their kids to sleep on a flight can buy inflatable pillows which fit in the floor gap to let them stretch out during long journeys.

Plane Pal is an inflatable pillow that fills the gap between seats and it will neatly fold away when you’ve finished using it.

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