Cruise expert explains how to choose a cruise line

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Yasmin Pekel is the owner of Blue Cruise, and a cruise expert. She shared her top tips to pick a cruise with

Yasmin said: “Think about noise levels. There are many different types of cruise, with some more catered to partying while others are more family-orientated.

“Usually, you’ll be able to deduce the type of cruise from the amenities available on the ship, but another good idea is to check through the reviews available online to see others’ first hand experience.”

There’s a cruise to suit every audience and some lines, such as Disney, will cater primarily to families.

Virgin Voyages tends to attract a younger or more party-loving audience as it has a lot of drinking events onboard as well as a tattoo artist.

Many cruise lines are better suited to an older audience who are looking for a more relaxing trip.

Reviews are one of the best ways to find out whether a cruise is right for you, and plenty of people share their experiences on forums.

New cruise guests could also ask a travel agent for advice as they may be able to suggest the right trip to pick.

Yasmin said: “Whether you’re a foodie, or you can’t stand a certain cuisine, it is vital to check the restaurants available onboard different cruise lines.

“With different options available on each ship, you want to make sure that you’ll be able to try the food you love.

“Some ships also have speciality or upscale restaurants that incur an extra fee, whether in the form of a flat cover charge or being charged for a la carte items.

“If this is your dream cuisine, you might want to swap to a different line that offers it at a more affordable price.”

If there are fussy eaters in the group, it’s a good idea to choose a cruise with a substantial buffet restaurant.

As buffets serve so many types of cuisine, there’s bound to be something to suit even the pickiest eater.

As Yasmin advised, some ships will charge extra for a seat at one of their speciality or upmarket restaurants.

Guests could have a look for options that include fine dining if that’s something that’s very important to them.

Yasmin added: “Planning a big boozy holiday, or travelling somewhere warm that requires strong hydration levels?

“Instead of purchasing drinks individually, many cruises will offer cruise packages in the form of alcoholic, non-alcoholic and water packages.

“These often include premium beverages and souvenirs, allowing you to refuel from a future memento of your holiday.”

A drinks package could save travellers money but it’s a good idea to look at the prices first to see if it’s a good deal.

If guests are planning to drink several alcoholic beverages a day it could work out for the best.

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