Cruise guest shares tip to avoid theft

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Cruise ports are unfortunately usually targets for pickpockets. Thieves will know that guests are likely to disembark with cash or documents.

Cruise tourists will need to keep a close eye on their valuables when they disembark the ship.

A few guests shared their top tips to avoid theft at cruise ports, onboard or while out on excursions.

A passenger said: “Try and minimise the stuff you take with you. Like instead of taking your everyday wallet, take a decoy wallet with some cash and one credit card.

“I just would try and avoid going out with all of your credit cards and all of your cash. Try to make a budget for yourself and take just enough money for your budget.”

A holiday budget is a great way to keep costs down and make sure that spending doesn’t get out of control.

It also means that if a guest is a victim of theft, they won’t lose all their money, only the day’s budget.

Another guest shared a more unusual tip that passengers can use to hide their valuables during a day at the beach.

They said: “Get a small Tampax box and empty it out. Works great inside your beach bag to disguise your valuables!

“But keep in mind this only works if they wouldn’t take off with your entire bag. Only bring what you need for the day, keep the rest in your safe onboard.”

Thieves are very unlikely to steal a tampon box so it can be a cheap way to hide any valuables.

Guests can also keep the majority of their valuables inside their cabin’s safe to avoid losing it.

Another person shared their advice to protect valuables while sunbathing or swimming in the sea.

They said: “If you’re worried, you can put your stuff in a bag, dig a hole in the sand to put your bag in and then put a beach towel over it.”

Guests could hide their stuff under the sand but will need to remember the spot where they buried it.

They also might end up getting sand everywhere and this could ruin some delicate valuables.

However, some passengers said that guests were very unlikely to have their belongings stolen on a cruise line’s private beach.

A guest said: “Most people there are other guests that aren’t going to steal your stuff or staff members who wouldn’t chance losing their good job to maybe steal a few hundred pounds.”

Other passengers said that they usually kept their valuables inside a waterproof pouch while in the sea.

Waterproof pouches can be purchased online for a cheap price and will keep valuables dry in the water.

Many of the clear pouches also allow tourists to take photos without needing to get their phone out.

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