‘Gross’ Plane passengers urged to stop ‘offputting’ behaviour

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Tourists have been urged to think about their behaviour on flights. A few annoying actions have been called “gross” by travel experts.

The travel expert team at the Points Guy shared the worst things passengers can do on a holiday flight.

They said one particular action is often really “gross” for a passenger’s fellow travellers and crew.

The team said: “Keep your socks on. We don’t really know why this needs to be said but alas, feet can be pretty gross.

“We totally get why you might want to take your shoes off, especially during a long-haul flight or even for cultural reasons.

“But please at least keep your socks or slippers on! If your feet have any kind of odour when you take them off, keep your socks on.”

Many passengers take their shoes off on the plane but their fellow travellers may be less happy if they ditch their socks as well.

Feet can be smelly and travellers don’t want to smell another passenger’s feet for the duration of their flight.

The team added: “Not only are bare feet offputting to many travellers around you, but think about where your shoes have been and what is actually on the aeroplane floor.

“Have you ever noticed mystery liquids on the aeroplane bathroom floor? That probably isn’t water.”

Aeroplane floors aren’t usually the cleanest of places as crew will not have time to clean them between flights.

Due to busy schedules, crew will usually only have time to do a quick clean before the next passengers board.

This means that the plane floor could be very dirty and not the most hygienic place to go barefoot.

The plane bathroom floor could be especially filthy due to spillages or accidents during the journey.

The Points Guy team added: “This should go without saying but please save your plucking, picking and trimming for the hotel bathroom.

“Yes, you’re likely spending more than a few hours in this flying metal tube, but this isn’t Sephora. This is a plane.

“Moisturising is fine, as those fancy mini toiletries in your amenity kit are there to be used.

“If your skin is dry in the recycled air in the cabin there’s no issue with addressing that.

“But trimming your nails or shavings, please don’t.”

Other passengers are unlikely to be best pleased if travellers start cutting their nails during a flight.

Using the plane bathroom also isn’t the best idea as it may create queues for other travellers who just need to use the loo.

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