Cruise passengers share their ‘worst experiences’ – lost luggage ‘contained prosthetics’

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A cruise promises all-inclusive travel on the seas and an opportunity to stop in some fantastic ports. While cruising is a great option for many holidaymakers, some had unexpected mishaps.

Cruises’ “worst experiences” stories are rife online, with cruisers sharing their horror stories as warnings to fellow holidaymakers.

One Reddit user, AccentFiend, said: “A cruise I went on a few months ago had a few people with prosthetics.

“One of them apparently had one for each leg and somehow boarded without them attached, so they were stowed in his luggage.

“We heard announcements for three days asking if anyone had luggage that wasn’t theirs and to please bring it forward as it contained prosthetics.”

‘Turned away’ Cruise passengers share stories

Missing prosthetics were not the only horror stories shared on the social media website.

Medical accidents can happen anywhere, but on a cruise ship, the options for help are limited.

A Reddit user wrote: “I ripped my big toenail off on the balcony doorway the first night of my first cruise.

“The worst part was that I went to medical and they sent me away saying it would cost too much without insurance even though I had travel insurance.

“I ended up toughing it out with some scissors, ibuprofen, ice, and gift shop bandaids.”

They continued: “I went to medical to see if they had bandages because I was bleeding pretty badly.

“They said they couldn’t give me any bandaids without seeing me and seeing me would have cost a lot of money.

“Guest services didn’t have any free bandaids either. I bought all the bandaids that the gift shop had for sale and then had to buy more in port!”

Toenail injuries seemed to be an issue for a lot of cruisers, with aocoeo saying: “I had the exact same thing happen three years ago.

“I was pulling a couch over, stepped away and my wife and friends were looking at my foot in shock.

“Evidently the bottom edge of the couch caught my toenail. Big toenail was straight 90 degrees up and hadn’t even started bleeding yet.

“My wife reached over and slammed it down and THAT’S when the pain and realization hit. Went (limped) straight to medical and was told literally the exact same thing – except that did provide two bandaids and said I could buy more at the gift shop.”

And Icy_Boysenberry wrote: “Happened to a friend of mine on a cruise we went on.

“Was moving a heavy bar stool to sit in and it skipped on the floor and sliced his toe open.

“Was on crutches and in a wheelchair for the remainder of the cruise. And he proposed to his girlfriend, still! Made a good time of it regardless but it was on the first day!”

AndTeri also had a medical emergency and said: “I side slid into a sea urchin in our second port…

“I couldn’t wear any of the shoes I brought because they all cut right across the spines.

“Medical said there was nothing they could do and that my body would eventually absorb or reject the spines on its own.

“The second half of the cruise was rough. I slid around the hot parts of the deck on a towel.”

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