Enterprise Launches New Ad Series

WHY IT RATES: The popular car rental company is rewriting history with a series of new ad spots to showcase its innovation renowned customer service.—Patrick Clarke, TravelPulse Senior Writer.

Remember when Paul Revere’s horse wouldn’t cooperate and Enterprise provided a new stallion for his legendary midnight ride? That’s just one way Enterprise is putting a fictional twist on historic moments in a humorous new ad series that spotlights Enterprise’s innovative transportation solutions and award-winning customer service.

In addition to “Midnight Ride,” the new ad spots feature Alexander Graham Bell’s first phone call and settlers traveling west on the Oregon Trail getting help from Enterprise. While the company wasn’t around until 1957, the series of revisionist historic scenarios inserts Enterprise to reinforce that “wherever transportation goes next, Enterprise will be there to pick you up.”

“Enterprise has always been at the forefront of transportation innovation,” said Frank Thurman, vice president of marketing at Enterprise. “As the mobility needs and expectations of drivers continue to evolve, one thing remains a constant – Enterprise has their backs. The new ad campaign allows us to get this message to our customers in a witty and creative way.”

Renowned for its award-winning levels of personalized service, including free pickup and 24-hour roadside assistance, Enterprise has led the industry with innovative, customer-centric transportation solutions for more than 60 years. With a nod to the brand’s robust suite of technology platforms, mobile apps and digital solutions designed to exceed customer expectations, the Alexander Graham Bell ad features the famous inventor using his new “technology” to make his first call – and Enterprise is there to answer.

Enterprise’s replacement rental offering, which provides a seamless transportation solution to individuals if their everyday vehicle winds up in the repair shop, is featured in the Going West ad. A family’s wagon breaks down out west, and Enterprise shows up with a replacement wagon that’s “fully loaded.” The 1800s family gets a taste of the future when the Enterprise associate has them sign for the rental with a mobile tablet to get them on their way.

The digital series also includes several social media ads for Instagram and Facebook using the same historic scenarios that engage social fans by quizzing them on the twisted history facts. The campaign will be supported on social media, YouTube, premium digital sites with interactive ad units and non-linear TV (Hulu, tubitv, PlutoTV) beginning October 7. For more information about Enterprise, visit www.enterprise.com.

SOURCE: Enterprise press release.

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