Indulge in tempting stir-fried delights ·

Indulge in tempting stir-fried delights

Ellenborough Market Café has just launched its Stir-Fry À La Carte Menu to enchant the palates of diners with a penchant for stir-fried creations. Available on StirFryday (Friday and Saturday evenings), you can look forward to a tantalising medley of local and
international delights wok-fried to perfection by our award-winning culinary team.

Take your pick from a mouth-watering selection and savour your favourite dishes in the alfresco area while basking in the relaxing ambience and the charming view of Clarke Quay.

The Sambal Squid (S$12) is a popular dish with those who like a little spice in their food. Adroitly prepared with tamarind, sambal chilli, salt and sugar and served with onion and lime, it is succulent and tasty.

Another memorable dish is the Salted Egg Prawn (S$18). The salted yolks are mashed and stir-fried with spices until a luscious sauce is formed. The prawns are then coated with the salted egg sauce and wokfried to a golden hue. Crispy and delicious, every mouthful is a burst of goodness.

A not to be missed dish is the scrumptious Marmite chicken (S$12). A quintessential Malaysian dish, this dish is found mostly in street stalls and eateries in Malaysia. Marmite is made from yeast extract and is a delicate balance of sweet and savoury flavours. This delectable dish is prepared by wok-frying the chicken and coating it with a thick, starchy, salty and slightly sweet Marmite sauce. This delightful sauce makes a great glaze and adds a tangy, sweet and savoury taste to the crispy chicken. The contrast of different flavours and textures makes it absolutely irresistible.

An all time-favourite, the Black Pepper Beef (S$18) is stir-fried in an aromatic sauce with black peppercorns and onion and enhanced with curry leaves. The black peppercorns impart their natural spiciness while the curry leaves give the beef a unique and gentle fragrance.

Moules Marinière (S$18) otherwise known as steamed black mussels in white wine is a traditional French creation. The skilful combination of fresh mussels, wine and shallots accompanied with French Baguette is an intoxicating one.

Stir-Fryday is available at Ellenborough Market Café every Friday and Saturday evening. Enjoy the stirfried delights with Tiger Draught Beer (S$10 per glass) or Heineken Beer (S$10 per bottle).

For enquiries and reservations, please call us at 6239 1847/1848 or email


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