Lumphini Park ·

Lumphini Park

Situated in the heart of Bangkok, opposite the Dusit Thani Hotel on Silom, it’s a green space in the over crowded CBD that attracts thousands of visitors everyday.

It’s a magnet for all ages to walk; excercise, convalesce, eat or meet friends. For many it’s a beautiful space to just sit and watch the world. Being outdoors, away from traffic, surrounded by nature is it’s draw.

It’s Bangkok’s Hyde Park or Central Park. With an Asian twist.

Buddhist monks sit with worshippers in a makeshift outdoor Wat (temple). A group of elderly practice the ancient art of Tai Chi the ancient martial art form from China, with giant fans as their swords.

Around the corner a huge outdoor food court. In the mornings its biggest selling item is congee (boiled rice) similar in consistency to porridge. No honey or fruit in this dish. It’s accompanied with scallions, ginger or chilli flakes and of course a liberal dash of fish sauce. All staples in this neck of the woods.

I used to run here three times a week. Four laps of the park @2.52km/lap. I used to arrive before dawn, as I ran I saw dawn break. Wonderful.

It’s a micro world of its own. A village within a city. A wondrous place. Well worth getting up early for. If you get the chance go – take a look! You won’t be disappointed. I can guarantee.

After running it was back home to eat and shower and put on a suit. My driver would get me to my hotel office by 8 am. In the car I would manage to read the entire Bangkok Post everyday. Essential reading for any expat living here and in business, managing people. Even more so for a hotel GM.

It was a great start to the day! At night I slept like a baby. Ready to do it all over again.


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