Golden State #DubNation dominates on court and in social media ·

Golden State #DubNation dominates on court and in social media

The Golden State Warriors have a chance to sweep the Cleveland Cavaliers and win their second straight NBA Title and third in the past four years in what is becoming an annual battle of the two teams.

Social media has been tracking the two teams throughout the finals, with more than 2.2 million social posts since the series began on May 31, according to international social media analytics firm Talkwalker. The peaks of conversation have predictably followed the path of each game, with 175.7K posts during game one, 85.6K during game two and 95.9K during game three.

Among the top social posts through the whole series is this Tweet after game one, focused on the time clock blunder by Cavaliers player J.R. Smith.  This Tweet had more than 72K engagements.

Golden State’s dominance extends from the court to social media, with #DubNation being the second most used hashtag, with 344K posts, behind only #NBAFinals with 1.2 million uses. #Warriors has 54K mentions, while the first sign of the opponent #Cavs has 52K.  Cleveland’s #DefendTheLand only appears 2.7K times, not even making the top 50 hashtags used.

And over the past 24 hours, #DefendTheLand has gone nearly invisible in social media posts.  While #DubNation has been mentioned 12.1K times in that period, #DefendTheLand has only 145 mentions.  Have Cavs fans given up hope?

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