Mixed Celebrations for July 4 Holiday

Some Americans celebrated quietly, with small barbecues and family time.

Others decided to throw caution to the wind again for another long holiday weekend.

Just as with Memorial Day celebrations, some folks took their chances with the coronavirus pandemic as tourists flocked to whatever beaches were open. But, anecdotally, it appears the July 4 holiday was far more tempered than it was five weeks ago.

As Memorial Day approached this year, states had started the reopening process after the entire country had been locked down since mid-March. The pent-up demand was overwhelming as beaches, lakes, restaurants and more were inundated.

For July 4, there seemed to be a reckoning of what transpired after Memorial Day, however – a surge in positive cases in more than 35 states, particularly in Florida, Arizona and California – that seemed to take some wind out of the sails for many tourists, even those local to their destinations.

In many cities, fireworks celebrations took place but viewership was from afar – no giant gatherings along the riverfront in New York City for the annual Macy’s Fireworks Display.

Instead, the fireworks were shot off from various locations and, in fact, July 4 was a culmination of several days of surprise fireworks shows around the city.

Many people had no choice but to make alternate plans. Beaches and/or bars were closed, and parades were canceled, in numerous places, including such tourist destinations as California, Virginia Beach, Va., and in Delaware.

The U.S. set another record on Friday with 52,300 newly reported coronavirus cases, according to the tally kept by Johns Hopkins University.

Many people also just simply stayed at home, such as former Major League Baseball pitcher Bob Tewksbury, enjoying some grilled specialties and some outdoor fun.

Family fun at the beach as the Lyons and Bobcats squared off in the July 4 corn toss match-up. pic.twitter.com/eV0CMVMd1q

Not everybody, however, preferred to remain at home.

In San Diego, travelers and locals took to the beach:

Are #SanDiego beaches too crowded ? I haven’t seen a mask on the beach.

Only beaches open in #california ! @10News @10NewsCampos pic.twitter.com/czAePb4BwM

In Cass County, Michigan, located in the northwest part of the state, revelers filled Diamond Lake, a natural lake and popular attraction for locals and tourists alike.

Here’s the scene at Diamond Lake in Cass County, Michigan today. Looks like a recipe for disaster… #COVID19 pic.twitter.com/0OfgCXThQw

Here was the scene at the White House:

Here is the example the White House is setting for the nation on this 4th of July amid surging coronavirus case counts and as public health experts urge Americans to avoid large gatherings.
Almost no social distancing. Most people are not wearing masks. pic.twitter.com/eDY34LtKY1

And some didn’t even need a formal place. TMZ reported on a packed party in Beverly Hills, Calif., in which most participants didn’t wear a mask.

Beverly Hills 4th of July Party a Breeding Ground for Coronavirus https://t.co/72UchYwYlC

But, for the most part, America’s 244th birthday was a far more subdued and muted celebration than in years past, as has been the case for most of 2020.

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