Self-guided art tours at Resorts World Las Vegas

Resorts World Las Vegas is home to a diverse collectiion of modern and historical art, something guests of the new resort can explore on a self-guided tour of the property.

Using their cellphones to scan QR codes placed near the pieces, guests learn about each work’s creation and the artist.

“Our team took a unique approach when curating the art program for Resorts World Las Vegas, selecting pieces not just to stick to a theme, but rather choosing the most interactive, intriguing artwork that would add an exciting element to the overall resort experience,” said Kara Siffermann, Resorts World Las Vegas vice president of design and construction.

Highlights include:

• “Cloned Bulldog with Pet Bottle” (located in the casino) by William Sweetlove, carrying water bottles and wearing rain boots, which considers the effects of climate change.

• “Donuts” (casino) by South Korean ceramicist Jaeyong Kim, featuring glossy faux doughnuts made of clay.

• “Hippo Wild Ride” (Hilton lobby) by Gillie and Marc, a monument to endangered species. Rabbitwoman and Dogman on the hippo are the artists’ symbols of unity and acceptance.

• “Flowers” (baccarat salon) by Andy Warhol, four flowers outlined by a bed of grass.

• “Louis-Vuitton Doberman” (high-limit lounge) by Herb Williams, composed of thousands of crayons.

• “Red Beetle” (outside of the Japanese bistro Kusa Nori) by Ichwan Noor, a sculpture of an iconic Volkswagen Beetle compressed into a large, red ball.

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