Flying hack: Woman shares secret trick to get a whole row to yourself on a flight

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Chelsea Dickenson who runs the website revealed several travel tricks to get a whole row on the plane. Dickenson had a number of different tips for holidaymakers looking to enjoy their own space.

The first way is to fly with another person. One person should book the aisle seat and the other the window, leaving the middle seat empty.

Other passengers are unlikely to choose the middle seat, so if the flight isn’t full it could be left empty.

Dickenson said: “When choosing your seats, select an empty row and instead of sitting together, opt for the window seat at the aisle seat.

“Solo travellers are much less likely to select a seat in between two strangers, meaning you’re upping your chances of having the row to yourself if the plane isn’t fully booked.”

The travel expert shared a video of her and her boyfriend’s joyful reaction after the trick worked for them.

She said they had “b****y smashed it” on their British Airways flight from London Heathrow to Crete.

Dickenson told MailOnline: “Having the whole row to yourself is just that extra bit of comfort – in fact, it’s exactly the same space you’d get if you were flying in British Airways’ business class offering for Europe, so it’s a great way to get the most for your money.”

She also added that if there are other empty seats, a solo middle passenger is likely to move anyway.

Dickenson said: “The great news about this hack is that if someone does book the seat between you, nine times out of 10 they’ll be very happy to move to the aisle or the window seat so you can sit with your travel partner.”

The video has been extremely popular on TikTok with 260,000 people watching it so far.

Dickenson also shared another hack to get a whole row to yourself and your travelling group.

She said passengers could try booking a seat in row 13 as other superstitious travellers often avoid that area of seating.

However, the row 13 hack is less likely to work as many planes skip row 13 anyway as passengers hate it so much.

Ryanair and German airline Lufthansa are just two of the airlines that don’t have a row 13 on their planes.

Another tip to bag an empty row is board the plane last. People should wait while other passengers rush to board.

Once everyone is onboard, the last passenger will be able to see if there are any empty seat rows and have a good chance of getting it themselves.

If passengers book a flight close to their travel date, they will get a better idea of how busy the aircraft is.

When it’s close to the travel date and there are still many empty seats onboard, passengers will have a better chance of securing an elusive empty row.

However, for those booking months in advance, it’s more of a gamble as it will be hard to know how many others are likely to travel.

Window and aisle seats are normally the most popular seats while sitting by the emergency exit will give passengers extra legroom.

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