What’s New in Los Cabos?

A sensational destination, Los Cabos has a great deal to offer travelers of all types.

TravelPulse recently went one-on-one with Miguel Mondejar, Marketing Manager for Los Cabos Tourism Board.

Mondejar has been working with Los Cabos for almost three years now. He came from Mexico City and has since fallen in love with all that Los Cabos has to offer. Mondejar discusses what travelers and travel agents need to know about this paradise location.

TravelPulse: What’s new and exciting in Los Cabos?

Miguel Mondejar: Los Cabos is a booming destination. We are receiving around 3 million visitors per year. The kind of growth Los Cabos is going through is unprecedented in Latin America, we are expecting over 4,000 new rooms by the end of 2022.

With the likes of Nobu, Four Seasons, Aman, Park Hyatt, St. Regis, and the recently Opened Montage, Velas and Solaz, we are positioned as the premier beach destination of Latin America. Also, new direct flights are coming. By the end of the year, Frontier will open a direct flight from Las Vegas!

TP: How does Los Cabos Tourism Board work with travel agents?

MM: Travel Agents are our most important partners, without them the destination wouldn’t be anywhere near what has become today. We have a team solely dedicated to attending trade shows for travel agents.

We also organize Famtrips through Travel Agent Consortia, webinars are constantly being imparted, and we have a Los Cabos Specialist Program where Travel Agents can learn everything they need to know about the destination. We are about to publish an Industry Dedicated website where they’ll be able to download visual assets, maps, brochures, presentations, etc.

Our goal is to hand the Travel Agents everything they need for the commercialization of the destination, we are here to make their lives easier.

TP: What advice would you give to someone visiting Los Cabos for the first time?

MM: First of all, the moment you get to your room, go to the terrace and take a deep breath. Inhale the pure air from the Pacific and exhale whatever might be troubling you. Now, it’s time just to let go, be yourself and let the magic happen. This is a place where you can feel connected to everything, so if you are open, the right experience will come to you.

TP: How does Los Cabos cater to families?

MM: I remember spending a lot of time in Kids Clubs when I was a child. I am so jealous of what hotels are doing right now, they have the coolest facilities and activities for children. Los Cabos is a place to relax and to have a good time. If the family wants to be together, they can go to an excursion during the day, or spend some time at the beach, have lunch, you name it!

And also for those parents that want to have some alone time they can drop their kids by the kids club knowing that they’ll be in the hands of professionals. If a romantic dinner sounds tempting, there are certified nannies who would be happy to take care of them while the parents enjoy a well-deserved exquisite dinner on one of the many dining options.

TP: What are the best outdoor and adventure activities in Los Cabos?

MM: Hard question. I would say all of them are the best, we offer experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime. I personally like the Whale Concert with Cabo Expeditions, such a powerful experience.

Also, swimming with the Whale Shark in La Paz is quite transformative. For the ones looking for land adventures, I would recommend taking a 4×4 tour to the desert with G-Force or Cactus.

TP: What else should travelers know about Los Cabos?

MM: I don’t want to blow all the secrets. They really have to come and experience it by themselves. What I can assure, is that they’ll want to come back year after year. This place is magical, magnetic, it basically cleanses the soul.

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