LISTEN: Politics Overload, Marriott-Starwood Data Hack and More on the TravelPulse Podcast

The TravelPulse Podcast is all-new for another week as travel expert Mark Murphy returns to break down some of the biggest stories and hottest topics in the industry.

In episode 18, Murphy provides an update on his recovery from a recent injury, vents his frustrations with uninitiated Florida drivers and breaks down how the media’s 24/7 political coverage has all but rendered positive travel news extinct.

The TravelPulse founder also shares his thoughts on the latest Marriott-Starwood data breach affecting at least 327 million customers.

“I think the lesson here is just like we’ve heard before. Once you put your data out there, eventually your stuff is going to get exposed,” said Murphy. “So you should look at ways to protect your data, your credit, etc. But the reality is you’re going to have your information potentially used as a result of these breaches. It’s not just Marriott and Starwood.”

Later, Murphy laments the media’s lack of follow-up when it comes to stories that can no longer be sensationalized.

“It was crickets when the World Health Organization came out and said there has not been a single reported case of Zika transmission being carried back to a country globally where tourists came from to visit the Caribbean,” he added. “Are you telling me that nobody got bit by a mosquito? In other words, there is no Zika story.”

Finally, Murphy shares some helpful travel tips, including where to begin your journey through Southeast Asia and when to book your flight ahead of a cruise vacation.

Listen to episode 18 of “TravelPulse: The Intersection of Travel—Where Politics, Finance, and Travel Meet” in its entirety below:

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