Thrifty at fifty: parents pay for adult kids’ hols

“The travel agency of mum and dad continues long after children have grown up”

Brendan Grieve, assistant VP of rentals at Enterprise

A report found young adults are most likely to get a free holiday from their parents. But it also revealed 19% of Brits aged 45 to 54 have been on holiday with their parents or in-laws in the last year.

And one in 10 said the main advantage was going on trips they would not be able to afford, says a study by Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Brendan Grieve, assistant vice president of rentals, said: “It’s incredible just how many British adults go on holiday with parents who cover all or part of the costs.

“Anyone with young children may be surprised that the travel agency of mum and dad continues long after children have grown up.”

But 80% of adults admitted there were downsides. The main areas included a lack of privacy (34%), catering to different tastes (28%) and agreeing on what TV to watch or music to listen to (12%).

Meanwhile, National Express Coaches revealed the average summer break will involve 11 day trips, 344 miles of travel and two cases of sunburn.

Parents will hear children wail “I’m bored” an average of 33 times during the summer holidays and combat this by forking out for 19 ice creams a head.

Managing director Chris Hardy said: “Six in 10 parents worry their children will spend too long indoors during the summer holiday

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