Flying from Los Angeles to Heathrow on Air New Zealand

Tracey Bond flies from Los Angeles to Heathrow on Air New Zealand’s flight NZ2.

The plane:

Boeing 777-300.

Check-in: There was no online check-in option travelling from the US but when we arrived at the airport there were no queues, so we dropped our luggage off and went to investigate the shops (LAX still sends your duty-free purchases to the gate).

The seat: 57A, all the way at the back of economy. These rows of two at the rear of the plane are an extra charge but well worth the money as they give extra legroom and are convenient to the galley for midnight snacking or stretching. This was a particularly chilly flight and I was glad of the blanket.

Price: Part of a multi-stop ticket purchased on sale for $2500 taking in LA, the UK and Japan.

Flight time: The advertised time for this flight was 10hr 20m, but our actual flight time was a very welcome 9hr 45m.

Food and drink: This evening flight featured dinner service and a full bar, with the Economy Class options of beef ragout served with vegetables or chicken
pesto orzo.

Entertainment: Everything you would expect from Air New Zealand — plenty of television shows, movies, games and music, with lots of recent releases.

Service: When I commented on how full-to-overflowing my glass of wine was, the air steward replied with a cheery: “Have one for me.” You just can’t beat the service on Air New Zealand.

Nice surprise: This was not long after Air New Zealand announced that Wi-Fi would be available on its flights and we got a taste of it, though unfortunately a message came up not long into the flight saying it wasn’t working.

Toilets: Bookishly clean — the toilets, like many on Air New Zealand long-haul planes, were decorated to look like a library).

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