Holidaymakers reveal most DISGUSTING hotel room discoveries – from semen to blood

Stomach-turning research will put you off your next trip abroad.

The Sleep Judge surveyed 1,000 people who had stayed in Airbnbs and hotels in recent months.

In many cases, results showed that the rooms weren’t as clean as they hoped.

Bodily fluid, hair and creepy crawlies were among the nasties found during their stays.

So how common are these hygiene problems?

The poll, which was published in The Sun, revealed that stray hairs were the most common hotel room intruders.

A whopping 87.5% of participants admitted that they’d spotted them during a recent stay.

Creepy crawlies were also common findings, with 11% of hotel guests noticing bed bugs between the sheets.

If you thought that was gross, it’s nothing compared to some of the other discoveries.

Staggeringly, 12% of hotel guests said they’d seen semen in their hotel beds.

This figure is slightly lower for Airbnb users, who noticed the sexual fluid 6% of the time.

Other bodily liquids included blood, urine and vomit.

And horrifically, 7.5% of participants said they’d stumbled across faecal matter in their rooms.

Most disgusting hotel bed findings:

1. Hair – found by 87% of Airbnb users and 88% of hotel guests

2. Creepy crawlies – found by 24% of Airbnb users and 36% of hotel guests

3. Alcohol – found by 21% of Airbnb users and 23% of hotel guests

4. Urine – found by 13% of Airbnb users and 16% of hotel guests

5. Semen – found by 6% of Airbnb users and 12% of hotel guests

6. Blood – found by 7% of Airbnb users and 12% of hotel guests

7. Bedbugs – found by 8% of Airbnb users and 11% of hotel guests

8. Poo – found by 7% of Airbnb users and 8% of hotel guests

9. Vomit – found by 4% of Airbnb users and 6% of hotel guests

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