Your iPhone Notifications Will Be a Lot Less Annoying With iOS 12

Your iPhone is about to go through some changes.

Apple’s newest mobile operating system, iOS 12, is ready to kick into action. One of the greatest changes in the new iOS will be the way your phone sends you notifications.

Say goodbye to the endless scroll of notifications from group chats, email and social media apps. Instead of the usual onslaught of notifications that happens, the new iOS will condense everything into a stack of alerts, Business Insider reported. You can tap on the stack to view all the individual alerts or clear them all with a flick of the finger.

Your phone will also get a bit more intuitive with something called “instant tuning.” If there’s one app that you consistently ignore notifications from, your phone will notice. It will ask if you would prefer notifications to be delivered “quietly” (notifications still appear in the notification center but they won’t pop up on the lock screen with an alert) or if you’d rather turn off notifications for the app completely.

If you’re on a tight deadline, you can turn on the “do not disturb” function for one hour, until the evening or until you leave the office. You can also activate “bedtime mode” which will stop your phone from sending notifications during a pre-scheduled time (when you’re presumably asleep).

On the flip side, you will also be able to allow “critical alerts” to override your “do not disturb” settings. Select apps (currently limited to medical/health, home security and public safety alerts) can be set to notify you when something’s wrong, even when your phone is supposed to be quiet.

In order to install the new iOS, open your settings, tap “General,” and then tap “Software Update.” The iOS is compatible with iPhone versions 5S or later.

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