3 beaches in Puerto Rico you need to see

Puerto Rico is an island of azure waters and white sandy shores. In fact, it actually boasts 272 miles of beautiful beaches – a lot of choice for even the most dedicated of beach lovers. So whether you want to experience the vibrant energy of this island or completely get away from it all, we’ve found the best of Puerto Rico’s beaches to suit your needs.

Flamenco Beach

As Flamenco Beach is regularly voted the most beautiful beach in the entire Caribbean, it’s obvious that this one is worth visiting. Nestled on the peaceful island of Culebra, it offers the perfect blend of tranquillity and authentic island life. Add a backdrop of rolling green landscapes and unbeatable snorkelling spots and you’ve got one spectacular beach.

Playa Sucia

With its private coves and rugged landscapes, Playa Sucia ticks all the boxes. There’s a lighthouse that towers above the beach making it an ideal spot for the photographers amongst you. It’s a place for bird watchers, families and couples alike; brimming with hidden caves, fascinating wildlife and stunning secluded hideaways.

San Juan’s coastline

After a day of exploring the historic sights of San Juan, you’ll certainly be in need of a bit of beach time. The capital itself is home to a handful of popular beaches, but tucked away at the far end of the old town is Playa Peña, where locals come to get away from the hustle and bustle. It’s almost always empty, making it a true urban paradise.

Tom Marchant is Co-founder of Black Tomato.

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