Australia holidays: Australia relaxes Covid travel rules on vaccination

Cambridges could tour Australia in 'October' says reporter

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International tourists will no longer have to complete a Digital Passenger Declaration to enter Australia. Unvaccinated tourists won’t need to have a travel exemption when the rules change.

Australia is set to relax its Covid travel rules at 3pm in British time on July 5 which is the start of July 5 there.

Clare O’Neil, the home affairs minister, said: “Removing these requirements will not only reduce delays in our airports but will encourage more visitors and skilled workers to choose Australia as a destination.”

Australia had some of the world’s toughest Covid restrictions with many unable to visit family there throughout the pandemic.

The country finally lifted its travel ban in February but unvaccinated tourists still needed a travel exemption to go.

That rule will be relaxed this week as tourists will no longer need to complete a Digital Passenger Declaration.

Many tourists had complained that the online form was overly complicated and it had created queues at border control.

O’Neil said: “As more and more of us travel internationally and we get more confident in managing our risk of Covid, our airports are getting busier.”

However, passengers will still be required to wear masks on flights unless they are under 12 or have a medical exemption.

Tourist numbers dropped sharply in Australia during the pandemic as people were unable to travel.

Many travellers choose to visit the buzzing cities of Sydney and Melbourne or head to the Gold Coast beaches.

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the country’s top tourist draws while adventurous travellers can head into the Australian outback.

The country is hoping tourist numbers will pick up this summer, following the relaxation of Covid rules.

Naveen Dittakavi, founder and CEO of Next Vacay said: “With a relaxation of travel entry rules announced from several countries over the past few months, a ditch of Australia’s Covid vaccination entry has been long forthcoming.

“The country had already opened its borders to citizens, permanent residents, and their families last year, but has been closed to most travelers since early 2020, which has limited international tourism tremendously for almost two years.

“This doesn’t surprise us, though. Australia has shown a strong public health response towards Covid and has been one of the world’s most rigorous border controls we have seen throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

“Since tourists have been waiting patiently to visit the country, we expect this reopening to significantly impact the travel industry.”

Australia is also hoping to draw young people to its shores with a revived Ten Pound Pom scheme for youth.

Young Britons can apply for a £10 return ticket to visit Southern Australia to work and travel.

The scheme is a copy of a popular program where Britons could travel to Australia for £10 following the war.

Many young Brits choose to work and travel in Australia with many taking part in fruit picking or working on farms.

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