Best beach spots and pubs unveiled as heatwave hits the UK

UK weather: Weymouth Beach busy in heatwave temperatures

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A much-anticipated heatwave has finally hit the UK and surprisingly, a beach in Yorkshire has been unveiled as the sunniest spot for Britons to visit this week.

A study by LloydsPharmacy revealed the sunniest beaches and places to eat in the UK.

After analysing over 600 seaside spots, and taking into consideration their average temperature, sunrise, sunset and daily amount of sunshine, a beach in the northeast has been unveiled as the sunniest spot.

Britons may want to consider beautiful Hornsea South to visit during the upcoming heatwave.

The beach in Yorkshire has been crowned as the spot where people can enjoy more hours of sun in the country.

Hornsea South Beach

Hornsea South is a sandy beach next to the seaside town of Hornsea.

The popular holiday spot has registered an average of 15 hours of sunshine a day becoming the sunniest location in the UK.

The beautiful beach offers water sports and activities, and has an average of two hours of sunlight after 6.30pm, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a sunset or a late walk.

Keep reading to see the full list.

Shellness Beach

Shellness beach, on the Isle of Sheppey, has been ranked the second UK’s sunniest spot.

The peaceful beach has a summer average sunrise of 5.25 am which makes it an ideal location for a morning walk.

Ness Cove Beach

Located in Shaldon, South Devon, the stunning beach of Ness Cove is perfect for an evening walk as it offers guaranteed hours of sun during sunset time.

The stunning beach is also dog friendly.

The study also revealed the sunniest places to eat in the country, with pubs in London leading the list.

The Ship Inn, in London, is the sunniest spot to enjoy an al fresco dinner with an average of 15 hours of sunlight.

LloydsPharmacy’s Anshu Kaura, said that due to lockdown, “our exposure to sunlight has been limited meaning we would all benefit from spending additional time outdoors to make up for this.”

She highlighted that it is “incredibly important to ensure you’re gaining the right amount.”

Sunniest beach spots to visit during the UK’s heatwave

Hornsea South Beach, Yorkshire

Shellness, Isle of Sheppey

Ness Cove, South Devon

Seamill, Scotland

West Mersea

Sunniest pubs in the UK

Ship Inn, London

The Watermill, London

Wildwood, Essex

The Honeypot, London

The Sulby Glen Hotel, Isle of Man

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