Camper feels movement in sleeping bag and wakes up to stomach-churning discovery

Acamper was abruptly awoken after feeling something crawling on them in their sleeping bag – and made a shocking discovery after switching the light on.

Almost any adventurer would relish a stay atAlaska’s remote Lake Clark National Park, where salmon swim, volcanoes steam and craggy mountains poke out as the sun rises. But one nature-lover’s idyllic trip was interrupted after making a stomach-churning discovery.

Hundreds of harvestmen, ordaddy longlegs , were captured crawling over every inch of the outside of the backpacker's tent, right above the head of the person inside. “Snuggled into their warm sleeping bag, the tired explorer nods off to dreamland…,” Lake Clark National Park’s spookyFacebookpost read on Wednesday.

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“Suddenly they are jolted awake with the sense of being covered by creepy crawly creatures of the forest, only to discover their nightmare has become a reality.”

At first, it appears that there are just a scattering of the bugs, making the most of the warm, dry space. But as the camera pans round, and a light is shone, the true horror of the situation unfolds as the harvestmen blanket the tent.

On Thursday, the park explained that scientists don’t know for sure why the phenomenon occurs, but there are some speculations about their odd behaviour.

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“Researchers speculate that aggregations form for mating, humidity control, or to deter predators,” the park wrote on Facebook. And usually-keen backpackers had their own thoughts about the eerie discovery.

“They can have the tent, I'll just sleep outside,” one person quipped, with another adding “my nightmare”. A third person said: “I would run faster than Forest Gump and leave everything behind like ‘hey you can keep the tent and everything inside… my treat.’”

Daddy longlegs aren’t actually spiders as they lack silk and venom glands and aren’t known to bite humans. Instead, they are considered more closely related to scorpions.

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