Campers’ camping tips for the best trip – ‘Glow sticks on the kids’ and ‘the she-pee’

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Camping tips abound on social media, with many campers, would-be outdoorsy types and everyone else weighing in on the best hacks to make a trip memorable. When one user asked “what is your best camping hack”, they got flooded by answers.

And some tips were surprisingly helpful.

One person said: “Stringing white Christmas lights around the site so at night there’s still light. Especially helpful when camping with little kids.”

Another also commented about lights and said: “Glow sticks (necklaces/bracelets) on the kids, too!”

They were not the only ones who believed glow sticks were a staple camping light.

Someone else wrote: “Glow sticks around tent zipper (inside) so when you have to get up you don’t flash a light at everybody.”

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Lighting was of concern to many social media users, and everyone has a hack.

Someone said: “The flashlights you can wear as a headband are pretty great. Can wear as intended if your hands are full in the dark, carry as a normal light, or hang from the inside of the tent for some sky lighting. Have fun camping!”

However, the most ingenious lighting tip came from someone who said: “Empty milk carton + headlamp = light for the entire tent!”

They shared a picture of what they meant and it seemed lighting the inside of a big milk bottle with a headlamp was in fact enough to light their entire tent.

Other tips for a successful camping trip came thick and fast.

One user wrote: “Tarp under the tent for extra wetness protection, campfire quesadillas in tin foil, insect repellent as soon as the sun hits the tree line!”

Another also recommended putting things under the tent.

They said: “If there are leaves on the ground, put a nice thick layer under your tent, it adds a little cushion.”

Many recommended an airmattress and a good sleeping bag.

While the pillow situation was solved by this user: “Save space and weight by using clothes you’re not wearing as a pillow. I keep mine in a dry sack. Perfect pillow.”

Some creative tips were also shared.

One user wrote: “Cheap shower caps for dirty shoes.”

And another was ready for a full cinema experience.

They said: “Bed sheet with movie projector.”

Someone else wrote: “Tent hacks: a fan that hooks onto the ceiling in the summer, a rug outside entrance, dustpan and brush to sweep the floor.”

Another said: “Assuming you don’t mean just food, the “she-pee”. Google it.”

Useful tips such as “bring lots of wet wipes” were also commonplace.

One user also said: “Take a lint roller with you to wipe down clothes after a hike to get off any tick stragglers.”

While social media users seemed happy to share their camping tips and hacks, not everyone was onboard with the activity.

Many people thought the best camping tip was to simply get “a hotel room”.

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