Country with best quality of life to relocate to in 2022 named – ‘vital deciding factor’

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New research by Global Citizen Solutions published the Quality of Life Index and unveiled the world’s best passport for quality of life.

The study takes into account the overall standard of living that a nation can offer, focusing on the aspects that usually make a country desirable for British expats.

Sweden came top as one of the happiest countries in the world and the one with the best quality of life.

The country not only offers beautiful landscapes but also a friendly lifestyle which embraces a good work-life balance.

Indicators such as cost of living, level of happiness or migrant acceptance were considered for the Quality of Life Index.

Sweden scored 87.2 in the index ranking the highest in the sustainable development, level of freedom, environmental performance, happiness levels, and migrant acceptance categories.

The country only ranked unfavourably in the cost of living, as it is considered high.

Sweden’s citizens, however, enjoy higher than average salaries.

Patricia Casaburi, Managing Director at Global Citizen Solutions, explained: “In Sweden, as with other Scandinavian countries, there is a great weight given to social equality and an emphasis on the importance placed on life outside the office and on a healthy work-life balance.

“From kindergarten, there are 16 months of paid family leave that can be split between the couple after a new child is born, with free daycare also available.”

Other Scandinavian countries such as Finland and Denmark also came top as the world’s best passports for quality of life.

Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and New Zealand also ranked high while one of Britain’s favourite expat destinations, Spain, ranked lower in the index.

The Mediterranean country still scored 81.5 in the quality of life index but was surpassed by the Scandinavian nations.

Recent research by Property Guides also revealed the country with the best and most affordable healthcare.

Italy took the top spot as the most accessible healthcare system for Britons.

Both Germany and the Netherlands came in second place as some of the best and most affordable healthcare systems.

Spain and the United Arab Emirates, also ranked in the top five countries with the best healthcare. Senior Content Editor at Property Guides, Chris Nye, said: “While the cost of living and quality of life are certainly major reasons to move abroad, healthcare should also be a vital deciding factor.”

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