Disney Created a New Lightsaber as Part of Its Star Wars-Themed Hotel, and OMG, We Can't Wait

Disney is known for its immersive experiences that make you feel like you’re actually part of a movie, show, or ride, but the new Star Wars vacation package at Disney World might be the most epic one yet. Plans for the unique two-night vacation experience called the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser were first released back in 2019, and in addition to having a peek at what the hotel will look like, Disney also just released new details in celebration of May the 4th, and they include an all-new lightsaber!

The package, which only lasts for two days and two nights, brings you “on board” the luxury star cruiser Halcyon, aka the hotel. Guests will enter the experience through “launch pods” that allow them to watch the real world fade away behind them as they head for the stars through hyperspace, all while never leaving Orlando, FL. While on board, guests will stay in themed cabins and experience “on board” dining, while also interacting with each other and with surprise Star Wars characters as a specific story unfolds.


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Created by Walt Disney Imagineering Research and Development, the lightsaber is just one of the many ways guests on board the Halcyon will be completely immersed in the experience. They will be the first people to see the lightsaber in action when it activates before their very eyes when the experience hotel opens in 2022. And while details are still scarce, it sounds like the lightsaber will influence how your personal journey on board the ship plays out (your own actions will steer your story). See a sneak peek of the lightsaber below:

Earlier this year, Disney also released image mockups of what the hotel’s rooms will look like. And while they aren’t necessarily representative of the final rooms, they showcase epic space-like quarters for you and your group to sleep in while you travel through space. In addition to bunk beds that look more like sleeping pods, the rooms also feature spaceship-quality doors, minimalist storage-space design (you can’t have too much in space!), and an epic “window” that lets you look at the stars. Oh, and your room’s TV also doubles as a sort of control center.

Guests can participate in several different activities to get even more immersed in the galactic world. One option allows people to partake in lightsaber training, facing off against a “training remote” to see how they’d fare in combat. They can also visit the ship’s bridge to learn about navigation, defense, and all the ship’s systems or just explore the ship and see what secrets they can uncover. While the story is somewhat scripted, it’s more of a fully immersive choose-your-own-adventure style, so you can actually influence the outcome of your own journey on the ship!

Prices and availability for the hotel have not yet been announced, nor have reservations opened up, but the latest news confirms that the hotel will open in 2022, so it won’t be long until we can take our very own immersive, interactive journey into our favorite galaxy far, far away! Until then, visit the hotel’s website and sign up for more updates.

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