Families can save over £1,000 with specific holiday booking method

Holiday expert on how to get the most out of an all-inclusive

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As the weather continues to bite in Britain, more and more people are looking to holiday abroad in the coming weeks and months. Channel Five’s Get The Most Out Of Your All Inclusive Holiday, presented by Alexis Conran, looked into the type of holidays Britons could buy now – for an affordable price.

In the Channel Five programme, which aired tonight, January 27, at 7pm, Alexis met travel expert Nicky Kelvin.

Nicky shared which holiday destinations are becoming increasingly popular with Britons thanks to the countries’ low costs.

Turkey, Bulgaria, Senegal, The Gambia, and North Macedonia are all hotspots to look out for this summer.

Spain, an old favourite, is of course still on the cards for a cheap, but hot, holiday come summer.

After deciding on the destination, it’s time to find the best deal when it comes to flights, accommodation, and transfers, Nicky and Alexis said.

“The key is checking lots of different websites,” Nicky noted. Using the method of checking individually could be better than picking a package.

The expert also shared the common myths in regard to booking a holiday. These include booking on a Tuesday and not booking until the last minute.

According to Nicky, these two “tips” will not make any difference to the price of a holiday – it is in fact better to plan ahead and “keep your eye on deals”.

“Planning ahead is the way you can lock in good pricing,” Nicky said.

When it came to all inclusive booking versus booking through separate sites, Alexis and Nicky went head-to-head to see which method was cheapest.

The two experts looked at a holiday for a family of four to Alicante – the requirements were 14 nights in the city, four check-in bags, and from August 1 this year.

Nicky looked at four all inclusive companies: Jet2Holidays, On The Beach, and TUI.

Meanwhile, Alexis looked at Skyscanner and accommodation websites such as Booking.com to book each holiday requirement separately.

After a lot of searching, Alexis’ holiday booking, which included flights, transfers, and a hotel, came up to a total of £6,500.

However, Nicky’s cheapest all inclusive holiday booking, which was with TUI, came up to £5,247. This also included flights, 15kg check-in bags, transfers, and a hotel.

This meant that families would save over £1,000 if they booked with TUI.

“It’s a big no to booking it yourself,” Alexis said.

Nicky explained that booking a holiday through a company was a “one stop shop” and families could come face to face with a great deal.

Currently, TUI has a sale on, which meant the holiday to Alicante was even cheaper. 

All Nicky needed to do was type in the word “sale” at the checkout on TUI’s website.

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