Family stuck in Tenerife were told they might not get flight home for 6 weeks

A family have been stranded in Tenerife after a last minute flight cancellation – and were told they might not get a replacement flight for six weeks.

Zoe and Karl Parnell, from Blackwell in Derbyshire, flew to the Spanish island on May 31 with their two daughters aged 12 and five.

They were supposed to return on Saturday, but Wizz Air apparently cancelled the flight, reported the BBC.

The duo claim that they were left to fend for themselves, but Wizz Air said it was doing everything it could to help passengers.

Zoe claimed that the family were supposed to fly home at 9.30pm local time on Saturday.

She said: "We kept getting texts to say the flight was delayed, then cancelled.

"Then Wizz Air said they wouldn't be able to get us a flight home for a month and a half. The girls were crying and worrying they wouldn't be able to get home. "

Eventually, she managed to book a flight with Jet2 to East Midlands Airport on Wednesday. Their hotel managed to find them a room to stay in until then.

Zoe noted: “We are having to pay for it all on my credit card and we will have to try to sort it out when we get home. We are out of pocket and have been totally ignored."

A number of airlines, including easyJet and BA have had to cancel flights over the last several weeks.

Recently, a mum was left stuck in Crete with her mother and 18 month old baby with no food or nappies due to an easyJet cancellation, while a stag do was forced to buy 13 bikes and cross the channel on a ferry after their flight from Amsterdam was cancelled.

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Wizz Air told the BBC that this was due to "widespread shortages in staff”.

They added: “We are doing all we can to help as many passengers reach their destination as possible.”

The Daily Star contacted Wizz Air for comment.

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