Flight attendant shares ‘weirdest’ request from First Class passenger

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Flight attendant Nerea González, who works as a cabin chief at Plus Ultra airlines, talked exclusively to Express.co.uk about the most bizarre requests she has ever had from First Class passengers. The “weirdest situation” that she has ever experienced on the plane took place while she was going through the cabin with the food trolley asking passengers if they wanted “chicken or beef”.

She explained: “When I asked a passenger if he wanted chicken or beef, he said ‘Yes miss, I’d like a steak medium rare and with roast potatoes on the side’.

“For a minute I thought there was a hidden camera somewhere but he was serious! I explained to him how everything worked on a plane and why this wasn’t possible, he laughed and was ok with it, thankfully,” the crew member said.

First Class passengers can be very demanding and some get angry when the food doesn’t meet their expectations.

Douglas Scott, a flight attendant working for an American carrier, shared his experience and said that they always offer the “alternative meal choice if available, from the same class of service” if passengers are unhappy.

“Lots of people try complaining, thinking that they might get offered food from another, superior class of service.”

He added that flight attendants have no means of preparing something different for them, although some people think anything can be cooked on a plane.

“I have had people ask ‘Well what about your food, do you have something I can eat?’ No. My food from home is only for me,” he said.

If passengers are not happy with the food choices, flight attendants often advise them to bring their own if they have special demands.

Flight attendant Kathy Gleaves explained on the social media platform Quora that passengers asking for very elaborate dishes “happens more often than people may realise”.

She advised other flight attendants to just “continue on down the aisle to the next passenger”. She said: “What the heck else are you expecting the crew to do? Go into the galley and whip up a special meal?

“You know there are no cooking facilities on the plane, right? Just a storage bin and an oven.

“Honestly, if you need a special meal, then bring it yourself. That’s the only way you will be guaranteed your needs are met. It’s really not that hard.”

Nerea, however, said that in her opinion, there is no such thing as an “annoying” passenger. “I believe that when you love your job and it’s your passion, there isn’t a bad passenger,” she said.

“At the end of the day, we are all different people and we have good and bad days, we just need to be empathic and polite.”

Talking about her life after work, the flight attendant said that she enjoys having what she likes to call a “normal person’s life”.

“So routine, I love routine! When I have overnights and I stay in a hotel with the crew, luckily in my company we are like a family.

“We always make plans together, we go for excursions, we go for lunch, etc but we also like to spend time apart and I sometimes go to the gym or to get some presents for the family and friends.

“There’s always a friend who asks you to bring some Colombian coffee back, for example!”

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