Google Maps: Street View catches haunting ‘ghost’ floating across snowy road

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Google Maps Street View is used by people across the world to help navigate. Some people use it to find their way around their own country while others use it to plan routes across the world. More recently, the tool has been used to spot some strange and spooky occurrences.

The tool is normally used as an online mapping service and is owned by Google.

As well as Street View, it offers satellite images, panoramic views of streets and route planning.

The most haunting, spooky sightings often go viral on social media.

Other scenes found on the tool can go down in Google Maps history.

This haunting image unfolded on a cliffside in Nunavut, Canada.

The ghostly-looking image was spotted at the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut.

The image appears to take place from a building with the camera looking towards a road.

In the background, other buildings can be seen along with blue skies.

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The image appears to take place in winter with lots of thick snow on the ground.

The road that the camera is trained on looks to be empty.

However, on closer inspection it appears that something more ghostly is taking place.

In the middle of the road there appears to be a faint-looking truck.

The truck looks as though it’s a ghost as it blends into the background with only an outline visible to the camera.

Not even the driver of the truck or any passengers can be seen.

But it’s unlikely that this is a ghost, and rather simply a glitch from the Street View camera.

Google Street View works by utilising a specialist 3D camera.

The camera, often attached to the top of a car or handheld by a Google Map’s on-foot worker, snaps multiple images of a surrounding area.

The images are stitched together in post-production to create a seamless environment which users can click their way around.

If the image captures a moving object within the surroundings, it can cause bizarre and hilarious results.

The sight was spotted by an eagle-eyed Reddit user.

They captioned the image: “Ghost car.”

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