Google Maps: Street view catches petrifying creature emerging from behind closed door

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Google Maps is a popular tool and app used by millions of people around the world on a daily basis. The tool is perfect for finding your way from home to the shops or even further afar to a different country. The tool is often used not only for navigation but for satellite images, panoramic views and route planning.

However, more recently the tool has been used to find some of the most bizarre, strange and embarrassing images people can find.

From dogs driving cars to people swearing on camera, the Street View lens has seen it all.

Often, the most obscene images go viral on social media or on forums.

While others garner comments from people across the world.

This bizarre sight was spotted in Bradford in England, UK.

The image unfolds on what appears to be a normal-looking city street.

A man is walking along the street wearing a green t-shirt and grey joggers while carrying a white shopping bag.

He’s about to walk past an old building with an intricate door frame and a grey door.

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From afar, this looks like an ordinary street in England.

However, the door as a strange creature popping its head out of it that looks petrifying.

The creature looks reptilian with yellow eyes, an orange face, sharp teeth and a crocodile-like jaw.

Next to the creature is another man wearing a brown jacket.

On closer inspection, it appears that the man and the creature are in fact painted on the door to create an illusion.

The creature looks like a dinosaur which has been painted on the door to scare people.

The man also appears to be far too small compared to the man in the green t-shirt walking past.

The scene was spotted by an eagle-eyed Reddit user who labelled the image: “Spotted this in Bradford! Definitely no dinosaurs here.”

The post was inundated with comments from users.

One user said: “I used to live around the corner from there! There’s some other little gems around there.”

Another replied: “Oh man, I’ve walked past this so many times.”

Another user said: “Censor the painted man.”

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