Google Maps Street View: Young boy stuns viewers by holding ‘impressive’ pose

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On a residential street in Iceland, Google Maps’ cameras captured an impressive display by a young boy. The moment has caused such a stir among Street View users, it was shared to Reddit where it has amassed an array of comments.

The scene was snapped by a Google Maps Street View camera, most likely attached to one of the tech giant’s specialist cars.

These 3D cameras are driven around streets and towns the world over, to capture photographs of their surroundings.

The images are then stitched together in post-production to create a virtual world which users can click around.

Users who were exploring the town of Ólafsvík in Iceland happened upon an “impressive” display of strength by one young resident.

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The moment takes place outside of a home, where a black car is parked on the drive.

The young boy, dressed all in black, can be seen in front of the house performing his impressive move.

He has also removed his shoes for the act. A pair of black sliders can be spotted abandoned beside him on the path.

Perhaps as a display specifically for Google’s cameras, the young boy can be seem upside down in a handstand.

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His legs are stretched straight above him, as he holds his entire weight on his hands.

Google’s car was not the only witness to the scene though.

A second young boy, perhaps a friend or sibling there for encouragement, can be seen in the background beside the car.

He has his arms stretched up into the air, appearing to be excited about his friend’s acrobatic abilities.

Reddit users were left in awe of the scene after it was shared in a forum dedicated to Google Maps findings.

One commenter wrote: “How to impress on Google Street View!”

A second commended how long he held his position, writing: “Wow, he held that pose for a good while too.

“I looked in both directions. Impressive!”

Another added: “He was doing it the whole time Google drove by.”

Others found humour in his sidekick, suggesting he was celebrating the fact his friend managed to be snapped by the Street View car.

One wrote: “He’s like ‘Yeaaaahhhh! We did it!'”

A second responded: “Every good performer needs a hype man!”

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