Hawaii travel: What to expect, now and in the future

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This week we’re traveling to the Aloha state with experts Frank Haas, a former Hawaii Tourism Authority executive; Gail Stringer, who owns the Hawaii General Store in Seattle, and Terry Uemura, a travel advisor at Hawaii General Store Travel.  

Hawaii has been very serious about managing inbound travel, but it can be confusing, for example, Gov. David Ige’s recommendation – not a formal mandate — that people not travel to the islands. So we’ll talk about that, but also we’re talking about ways to manage tourism on the islands; demand and rates; and some of our favorite new travel programs, some off-the-beaten path tips and a few forever favorites. 

This episode was recorded Thursday, Oct. 7, and has been edited for length and clarity. On Oct. 8, Hawaii rules changed again, this time on Oahu, where Ige and Honolulu mayor Rick Blangiardi eased restrictions on dining capacity and other gatherings. 

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