Hotel owner slams TripAdvisor reviewer who moaned about ‘waiting for 6 minutes’

A hotel owner hit back at a negative reviewer on TripAdvisor.

Cybil DuVaux's Blackpool bar and hotel, Peek-a-Booze, is rated 'very good' on the website.

Around 258 guests have left their feedback, with 158 of them rating the hotel and boozer as “excellent”.

But the owner received a one star rating from a recent visitor, who complained about having to wait outside for six minutes.

The guest, known as Jon T on the travel website, branded staff members “rude”.

According to Lancs Live, Jon told TripAdvisor he had visited “with a friend” to “enquire” about staying at the accommodation for one night.

Jon T wrote “we didn’t even get that far” and pointed out that a “sign” at the door had told visitors to wait for a staff member before entering the venue.

He said: "We did this for 6 minutes as two staff (woman with red hair and another) chatted about life behind the bar. They weren’t serving anyone and in the end went to go and ask about staying and grabbing food."

Jon then claimed that “the woman with the red hair BARKED” at the pair and asked them to wait outside.

He added: "After a year and a bit of no hospitality and working in the industry myself I would sack any of my staff for speaking so disgustingly never mind ignoring potential custom…… especially during this time!

“Was looking forward to coming and seeing the cabaret act but won’t be entering this venue.”

Owner Cybil wasn’t impressed with the feedback – and was quick to highlight "holes" in Jon’s story.

She responded: "It's a shame that you feel that the rules that are restricting the entire UK don't apply to you."

Cybil insisted they “don't have any red headed staff” working at the venue.

The response continues: “But that aside, even if you did wait at the door for an entire 6 mins, I find it hard to know how you could hear any sort of conversation that was taking place behind the bar simply because of the distance from the front door to the bar.

“Regardless of what the conversation was about, the ONLY reason that both our floor staff would be behind the bar would to serve other people already in the venue."

Cybil pointed out: "As you've stated there was a five foot sign at the door that said WAIT HERE TO BE SEATED! So why didn't you?

“Why would you think that rule didn't apply to you? you feel a six minute wait was too long?

“You obviously have never visited any venue when people are waiting an hour to be seated.”

There’s no love lost between the reviewer and hotel owner.

Cybil added: “After a year of not earning a penny.

“We are more that willing to welcome any customer that is happy to follow the rules that have been set by UK Government. If you feel you shouldn't have to wait like everyone else, don't bother coming.”

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