Influencer posing for butt snap on Miami beach given ‘enema’ by surprise wave

An influencer in an embarrassing situation was soundly mocked on Instagram this week after a wave 'gave her an enema'.

The pretty woman tried to pose for a photo in the ocean while on holiday in Miami, Florida.

She was spotted by a sunbather standing in the waves in a bright pink bikini.

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The young woman held her phone out and bent over in the sand to get the perfect snap with her butt angled at the waves.

However, things quickly went wrong when a forceful wave slammed into the posing lass – and the funny moment was shared on Instagram, @influencersinthewild.

The frothing water shoved her forwards so that she body slammed the beach.

Afterwards, the unfortunate influencer was seen still grasping her phone and having to pull her bikini top back up after the water forced her swimwear off her chest.

The video was taken in Miami-Dade county in the southeastern part of the US state.

It’s home to party city Miami as well as stunning beaches with bright blue water and white sand.

The area also features the Everglades National Park – a wetlands preserve with hundreds of animal species including turtles, manatees and the Florida panther.

However, despite the beauty of her surroundings – social media users could only focus on the unfortunate influencer being knocked over.

One person joked: “There are much easier ways to get an enema…”

“The ocean was like my tired of y’all doing this s***,” laughed another.

A third advised: “Girl, don’t ever turn your back to the water.”

“Bidet Beach,” a jokester noted while another giggled: “Sometimes your undercarriage needs a power washing.”

However, some were fairly impressed and added: “If she got the shot it was probably pretty epic.”

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