JetBlue's Huge Halloween Sale Has $31 Flights All Over The Country Right Now

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JetBlue’s latest huge fare sale has super cheap $31 one-way flights all over the country.If you’re not big on dressing up for Halloween, or even if you count yourself among the people who hate it, there are still plenty of reasons to embrace the holiday, not least of which is the glut of discounted candy on shelves come November 1. In fact, this year, you might even learn to love it thanks to JetBlue, which is currently running a huge Halloween sale with $31 flights all over the country.

If you’ve been hoping to squeeze in a quick getaway before Thanksgiving, now may be your chance to do it on the cheap thanks to JetBlue’s latest one-day-only sale, which has dozens of flights up-for-grabs around Halloween for just $31 each way. Seriously, every single flight in this sale is just $31, including those along some of its most popular routes. 

Here are some of the best $31 one-way deals:

  • New York to Atlanta (and vice versa)
  • New York to Austin (and vice versa)
  • Atlanta to Boston (and vice versa)
  • Boston to Chicago (and vice versa)
  • Boston to Orlando (and vice versa)
  • Long Beach to Oakland (and vice versa)
  • Washington, DC to Boston (and vice versa)

It’s also worth noting that these apply only to “Blue” fares, which means you’ll have access to standard JetBlue perks like free wifi and unlimited snacks, but will have to pay if you need to check a bag ($30 for the first, $40 for the second). Though, hopefully you can find a way to efficiently pack your costume so it fits nicely in just a carry-on. 

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