London arcade with homemade games goes viral as ‘must see’ in England

A London arcade with homemade games has gone viral on TikTok.

Novelty Automation, in central London, has seen an uptick in visitors since millions of people liked a video on the social media site.

Creator, Sara Woodroffe, bagged over two million views on her day out at the niche arcade shop.

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She captioned the cup: “Day out with my favourite cousin to#noveltyautomationdefinitely an amazing place to go.

Novelty Automation, on one of London’s busiest streets in Holborn, has attracted arcade fans from across the globe.

TripAdvisor said of the hotspot: “A mad new collection of home made satyrical arcade machines.

“Practice Money Laundering; operate a nuclear reactor; meet an alien's mum; give yourself a full frisk, get divorced: and much much more.”

Theres plenty to do with the handmade political games.

To play you must buy tokens from the desk which will slide out fro the counter into a bucket.

Most games take between one and three tokens – which means it’s around £2 to join in.

There are plenty of games commenting on nuclear warheads, money, banking, family life, holidays and more.

One TripAdvisor review said: “This was so much fun. Haven't belly laughed like that for such a long time, felt like I had gone back to being a kid.

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“I really don't want to say too much as i don't want to spoil the surprises for future visitors. But, it really is a 'must do' and affordable too for all the family.”

While another noted: “Fun, unique, handcrafted machines. Amusement at a good price too. Can watch the creator’s YouTube videos on repairing the machines as well.”

And, a third added: “Thoroughly enjoyed this eccentric gem, spent a fun hour in here. A marvellous combination of satire, originality and ingenious design.”

The hotspot is truly one of London’s hidden gems.

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