Mums-of-7 jet off to Lanzarote for ‘9 hour holiday’ to get a break from kids

Finding time to go on holiday abroad can be difficult – especially if you are a parent.

But instead of slogging around the shops on a Sunday, a pair of mums decided to jet off to Lanzarote for just nine hours.

Yes, you read that right.

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Rebecca, 37, from Manchester, opted to go on a one day trip to the Spanish island with her friend to get some quality time away from being parents – even though they spent eight hours on the plane.

With having seven children between them, Rebecca with two of primary school age, the mums felt that the same day trip away would be enough to get some much needed 'me' time.

So with nothing lose, Rebecca and her mum pal booked a return flight for just £23 and documented their whirlwind trip on TikTok.

Frolicking on the beach, sipping cocktails and a spot of clothes shopping was on the itinerary for the ladies – they certainly made the most of their time.

And it has gone down a treat with others as Rebecca has now gone viral for the spontaneous adventure away from the kids.

"Better than a Sunday round Sainsbury's!" free-spirited Rebecca declared in the clip as she shared snaps of herself slurping on a beachside cocktail.

"We've got seven children between us. We booked £23 flights Lanzarote and back in one day, gossip on the plane, brunch, Spanish Zara, cocktails overlooking the beach and a dip in the sea.

"A Burger King to sober up at the airport, back in my own bed for 12:30am!"

Sounds like they really packed it all in!

Living about 20 minutes Manchester airport, Rebecca and her friend spent £27 to the terminal and £38 back home in a taxi. They also spent about €20 (£17.60) each way from Lanzarote airport to Puerto del Carmen – which is about a 10 minute journey.

With everything included – as well as coffees and cocktails – Rebecca and her friend spent roughly £165 for the day (but that does not include her cheeky spending in Zara).

A swimwear clad Rebecca and her friend provided some words of encouragement to other mums who want to have a day away from their parent obligations.

"Ladies, if you've only got a day to spare – make it count," the mum-of-two urged.

"You can completely do it. We got up at 3:45am and we've had the best day in Lanzarote.

"We've had three sex on the beach cocktails, we've been to Zara – what more do you need, hun!

"Book the flight and come."

After 'wooing' with excitement, Rebecca hinted that the one day trip is going to become a regular occurrence, she said: "We're going next week."

With having only been posted for two days, Rebecca's holiday advice has already racked up 2.1million views and plenty of comments from inspired mothers.

One person commented: "Can you imagine saying, 'see you later kids', just popping to Lanzarote. I love it."

Another user added: "I love us new generation of mums."

While a third mum voiced: "I need to do this."

However, some questioned the 'point' of enduring two four flights to only spend a couple of hours in a different country.

But Rebecca certainly had her reasons.

In another clip, the mum shared that she saw the trip as a "spa day" and that it was the first time she had "read a magazine on my own for the first time in a decade."

The pair originally planned to go for a girls day out in Manchester but Rebecca couldn't help looking at flights on comparison website Skyscanner.

"The reason why we went was because we were gonna go for bottomless brunch in Manchester and out for a shop and then maybe go and see a film or something", Rebecca said.

"I just thought, I'd seen these flights and I thought 'why not, why not'. A little blip of a day just for us – not [being] mums and not remembering all different things that we remember all week.

"Just a crazy afternoon for us so I encourage you to do the same."

Rebecca ended up doing her Sainsburys food shop on Tuesday instead…


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