Paul Merton and Suki Webster reach ‘absolute beginner’ level on their motorhoming holiday

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It didn’t start well with rain pouring down. Suki remarked: “It’s been raining all morning, no wonder the lake district is full of lake.” However, England’s largest national park has a lot to offer to motorhoming holidaymakers.

Paul and Suki made their way to Kendal, and after getting lost for a while, – “you need to have your wits about you to drive a motorhome” – managed to find the Kendal Mint Factory.

After a behind the scenes visit of the factory, Suki proceeded to buy as many of the Kendal mint cakes as she could.

Produced in Kendal for a hundred years, the mint cakes became famous when Sir Edmund Hillary took them in his first successful climb of Mount Everest.

Described by Suki as “peppermint sugar”, the cakes seemed to be working and give her plenty of energy.

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The second episode of Motorhoming with Merton and Webster offered a lot of fun and banter.

When Paul tried to navigate around Kendal, Suki explained that since her husband had never owned a phone, it was “like giving a FitBit to a pony”.

There was some confusion as to what their motorhome was named – Millie or Henry – with the consensus still not having been reached at the end of the episode.

Paul and Suki made their way to Windermere.

They tried wild swimming, something that Suki, wearing two wetsuits, didn’t take to at all.

Like motorhoming, wild swimming is increasingly popular,

When asked what she was thinking, she replied: “Current, cold, wet water dark watery grave.”

After “the shortest wild swim in the world” and a bit of an issue with the wetsuits, all seemed back to being well.

Throughout the episode, viewers were treated to little extras.

Three couples tried outdoor showers and converted Airstreams were spotlighted.

Paul and Suki continued on to Grasmere, where they went for a hike that was “not an easy climb but definitely worth it”.

Their last stop in Derwentwater saw them paddle to St Herbert’s Island, “smiling and dry instead of wet and crying”.

Paul and Suki thought their trip to the Lake District “exceeded all expectations”.

Despite the rain, their motorhoming holiday was a success.

There are many beautiful places in the UK and Britons really are spoilt for choice.
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