Planning a trip in 2021? Southwest just launched a fare sale with tickets starting at $29 one way

With the busier-than-expected holiday travel season over, Southwest Airlines is wasting no time trying to fill up its planes in 2021 as the pandemic continues.

The nation’s largest domestic carrier on Monday launched a four-day sale with fares starting at $29 one way for travel into the spring. Southwest, like other airlines struggling with depressed travel demand, has had a flurry of fare sales during the pandemic, but this one is notable because of the $29 deal.

The last several Southwest fare sales, which included some dates in 2021, have had starting fares of $39 and $49.

You won’t find $29 fares for a coast-to-coast Southwest flight, of course, but the deal is available on short flights between cities across the country, if not every flight, every day.

A sampling: 

  • Baltimore to/from: Boston
  • Atlanta to/from: Raleigh/Durham, N.C.
  • Chicago to/from: Minneapolis, 
  • Denver to/from: Salt Lake City
  • Phoenix to/from: Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Los Angeles 

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