Planning a vacation with your COVID-19 bubble: Pick from private tours, camping, luxury options

As more vaccines meet more arms, many people are taking the first tentative steps back to vacation planning. Possibilities abound for a post-pandemic vacation, even for would-be travelers who don’t feel quite ready to plunge back into close quarters and shared airspace. Hotels, tour companies and other travel providers are crafting bubble travel options for people seeking a vacation experience while limiting contact outside their immediate group.

Though no vacation offers an airtight bubble – the point of travel, after all, is to experience the world – keeping within a trusted group while in transit, dining and where you stay can reduce stress and risk. These so-called bubble trips provide another bonus: the chance to reconnect with friends and family after extended separations.

Book a private tour for your bubble 

Once outside the realm of financial possibility for most travelers, private tours are making their way into the mainstream – at least for now. Prices are still higher than equivalent larger-group tours, but there’s a way to balance out the bump in cost: Build your own tour group. Bubble up with a few families, close friends or couples, or extend your bubble to include multiple generations of family. Match your group to a tour, and you’ll get your own itinerary, tour director, transportation and private trip.

When you take the private tour path back to travel, you’ll have plenty of choices. Adventures by Disney debuted its Private Adventures. Groups of up to 12 people can book itineraries in Costa Rica, Egypt, Greece, Italy and Peru – some of the most popular itineraries the company offers – with travel dates starting in April. There’s no age minimum (except for the Peru trip), and you can choose your own travel dates. Best of all, on a private tour, your group gets more dedicated time with the local Private Adventure guide. That means more immersive storytelling, which families say lends a special and authentic connection to the destination.

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