Prince Charles & Camilla always travel with a ‘discreet’ bag to avoid ‘danger’

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Prince Charles and his wife Camilla travel frequently as part of their royal duty representing the UK. However, being a Royal Family member comes with certain risks that the regular holidaymaker may not take.

It turns out one of these risks is being poisoned, according to an insider.

Luckily, the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall have one way that they lessen this risk.

The duo are known to enjoy a tipple while they are away, however it seems they can’t sip on just any beverage.

Royal reporter Gordon Rayner, who has attended 20 royal tours, said the pair travel with their own alcohol to avoid their drinks being tampered with.

“Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall sometimes take their own alcohol so there’s no danger of their drinks being spiked,” Rayner said.

However, in order to keep things as safe as possible, Prince Charles and his wife do not carry the bag themselves.

“Their police bodyguard will discreetly carry a bag of their drinks,” said Rayner.

It turns out the duo also have some firm favourites when it comes the beverages they opt for.

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According to Rayner, speaking to CN Traveller, Prince Charles enjoys a gin and tonic.

Camilla, on the other hand, is a red wine drinker.

This isn’t the only exclusive item Royal Family member travel with in order to keep themselves safe.

From Queen Elizabeth to Prince William, all royals must travel with a bag of blood whenever they go abroad.

However, the higher up the line to the throne they are, the more vital this addition is.

Speaking on The Royal Box, royal expert Duncan Larcombe said: “If it’s the Queen on tour, the royal physician is with them with a bag full of their own blood.

Though it might seem like a rather gruesome hand luggage item to you or I the blood is a necessity in case a Royal Family member finds themselves in an unexpected situation.

For example, if Queen Elizabeth II is visiting a destination where the blood supply is “questionable” then a pack of her blood will always be included in the luggage load.

Prince Charles and Prince William, being second and third in line to the throne, also follow this rule rather strictly.

The royal physician, who is a trained Royal Navy doctor, will also travel with the entourage.

Along with the blood, he will have a bulky medical kit comprised of a mobile defibrillator and emergency medic supply.

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