Queensland records 52 days without community transmission

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has refused to modify the state’s approach to the border policy despite increased commitment from other leaders to open up.

The Sunshine State on Friday recorded another day of no new coronavirus cases and has now gone 52 days without a case being transmitted in the community.

Friday 6 November – coronavirus cases in Queensland:

• 0 new confirmed cases
• 8 active cases
• 1,177 total confirmed cases
• 1,259,722 tests conducted

Sadly, six Queenslanders with COVID-19 have died. 1,163 patients have recovered.#covid19 pic.twitter.com/5wVdEDveyU

The premier was again flooded with questions from journalists regarding Queensland’s tough border policy.

Ms Palaszczuk said she will continue to deal with the policy at the end of each month rather than weekly despite new national cases becoming rare.

She was also pressed over the comparison with South Australia which has not had a new case in weeks despite being open to New South Wales travellers.

“People are making a bigger deal of this than needs to be made,” Ms Palaszczuk told reporters. “Let’s be practical and use commonsense here.

The premier was again flooded with questions over her border policy. Picture: NCA NewsWire/Tertius PickardSource:News Corp Australia

“Our border measures have kept Queenslanders safe.”

When the premier was quizzed about the policy to defer the border decision to the end of the month as opposed to weekly, she failed to provide any detail.

“That’s what I decided to do,” she said.

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