Quirky 1920s speakeasy only lets you enter if you ring the correct doorbell

With no storefront and a hidden entrance you can only enter if you hit the right doorbell, this 1920s style speakeasy may be one of the hardest bars to find in the UK.

The Dead Canary is one of Cardiff’s worst-kept secrets. While almost everybody knows about it, not many people can actually find the place, according to TripAdvisor reviews.

However, if you do manage to enter the bar, you are bound to have a fantastic time with plenty of amazing cocktails, 2Chill reports.

The Dead Canary gives you the experience of a true 1920s speakeasy as customers hunt through the back streets of Cardiff hoping to find the right doorbell.

Look out for a double-door fire exit with dragon graffiti next to an easily missed doorbell, besides a little painting of a canary.

Ringing the bell is a real act of faith, full of anxiety that you are in the correct place.

It is only when an usher opens the door and welcomes you in that you’ll know whether you picked the right one.

From there, you walk down a dark passageway which brings you out into the candlelit bar.

Once inside, the 1920s decor is spectacular, inspired by Welsh industrial heritage.

From birdcages to dark lighting and candles, you will feel like you have stepped back to a time of illicit drinking.

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Despite the elusiveness in finding the bar, once there the staff are charming and attentive and will even make off-menu cocktails for you, depending on your tastes.

The drinks menu changes over time, and is currently inspired by dragons. A previous menu was based on Welsh mythology, featuring cocktails inspired by mermaids, old knights, and dragons.

Some drinks like the “Salamander” are served in dragon-shaped cups. It consists of rum, Campari, pineapple, lime, and angostura.

The name The Dead Canary reflects the birds used in mines up until 1986 to detect poisonous gases.

The bar has no windows and feels underground, like a coal mine.

You can find the bar on Barrack Lane in Cardiff, but we won’t make it any easier than that for you…

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