‘Trashy’ plane passenger slammed for taking off shoes and airing them out

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Everyone hates sitting behind someone on a plane who reclines their chair – or even worse, your back being the victim of a kicking child.

But one Reddit user has posted a snap that might just challenge the two flight pet-peeves.

During a flight, they witnessed a man who took off his shoes and placed them on the seat next to him.

Then to cause even more of a stink, he made himself at home by removing soles of his shoes.

Bizarrely, he aired them out on the arm rest of the chair.

The original poster captioned the post: “Sometimes you gotta let them breathe.”

People were shocked by the man's lack of plane etiquette – with some branding his actions "trashy".

One person commented: “I don't understand why people think this is ok.”

Another person added: “He knows it's not ok. It's a flex to keep the seat next to him empty.”

Whilst a third noted: “At least he’s wearing a mask”

To which another user replied: “That’s so he won’t smell his own feet.”

However, some people did not see an issue with the man airing out the soles of his shoes.

One person said: "I don’t see what’s nasty. If they smell bad, sure, but otherwise… We all have feet.”

Another user commented: “Why is this trashy if his shoes don't smell.”

Let us know in the comments what your pet-peeve is on a flight!

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