Reasons windowless window seats exist on planes – and how to avoid them

If you’ve flown on a plane in recent years you may have discovered the aggravation of being assigned a windowless window seat.

Most of us have a preference – either window or aisle – when booking and sometimes you even pay to secure your chosen seat.

While those in the aisle are always guaranteed swift access to the loos and leg room the window seat fans aren’t so lucky.

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If you like the seat for the gorgeous views of the clouds then you won’t always get what you want on modern planes…

Some seats which are against the wall of the plane don’t actually have a window to gaze out of.

While the seats are still great for sleeping they won’t offer you glittering views of your destination as you descend.

Many Brits have complained about the issue of social media before having been disappointed to sit next to a blank wall.

Kallie Marsch shared a photo of her dismal seat on Twitter and noted: “I’ve made a terrible, terrible, terrible mistake.”

Plus, a Reddit user was also landed with the windowless seat and shared his rage online.

He said: "I paid extra to book a window seat on Scoot.

"Not only was it marked as a window seat but also the plane map where you pick your seat showed this seat was no different to the other seats with an actual window."

Meanwhile, The Points Guy UK travel experts also fell victim to the dreaded windowless seat recently.

It turns out the annoying situation is caused by the way planes are built – and all the fiddly bits of machinery that must be threaded through the aircraft.

Nicky Kelvin, Head of The Points Guy UK, said: “They’re often due to the manufacturer using that space to feed through certain avionics (aviation electronics) or essential components such as air-conditioning ducts.

“Frequently emergency exit window seats don’t include a window view as design dictates window placement on the emergency exit door, which often results in an obscured view.”

On both Twitter and Reddit, social media users suggested that people used the website SeatGuru to avoid the windowless seat.

The website lets you double check the exact layout of your plane before you book a specific seat.

Any seats that are less desirable due to a factor such as no window or the inability to recline are marked red on the seat maps.

Hover over the specific seat to see why it has a warning and you can then choose your spot with all the facts.


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