Rockies Snowstorm To Create Travel Issues in Denver

Snowstorm season has arrived this weekend and it could impact travel.

Thanks to a southward thrust of cold air from Canada, a snowstorm will occur over the Rockies and High Plains this weekend and continue into early next week.

This could affect driving conditions from northern Montana to northern New Mexico and northwestern Texas, especially along I-70, I-80, and I-90. It will most likely create airline delays at Denver International and smaller airports in the region.

Travelers can expect a 1,000-mile-long swatch of snow along the Interstate-25 corridor and a drop in temperatures between 30 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The snow will begin in western and central Montana today and will advance into Wyoming. Snow will most likely hit Cheyenne, Wyoming, on Saturday evening. Colorado will see rain or snow or a mix of it, which will begin in northcentral and northeastern counties and go towards the south on Saturday night. Nebraska and northwestern Kansas is also expected to receive snow throughout the day today.

Dodge City and Garden City, Kansas, and Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado, can expect a few inches of snow on Sunday. Las Vegas, New Mexico, and Dalhart, Texas, have a possibility for snow on Sunday night or early Monday morning.

The only travelers that may benefit from this snowstorm are skiers who might discover over a foot of snow on the eastern slopes of the Rockies.

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