Spain holiday BOMBSHELL: Second holiday region back in lockdown as coronavirus spreads

La Marina north of Lugo in Galicia is now the second region of Spain to be locked down in the space of 24 hours. This come just a day after an air bridge with Spain allowing quarantine holidays was official revealed.


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La Marina north of Lugo in Galicia will not allow any entry in or exit out from midnight today.

Face masks will be mandatory at all times outdoors. This includes on the beach and while swimming.

A new outbreak of coronavirus in the region has seen 106 people test positive so far.

There will be strict rules around bars and restaurants.

Both will have to adhere to new closing times and restrictions on how many customers can be in the venue at any given time.

Anyone in the area who does not live there is being advised to leave by midnight.

Otherwise, they will have to stay in the area for the next five days.

Sergia, 90 miles west of Barcelona, has also been locked down. 

People cannot to go into or leave the area.

Officials have banned visits to care homes and more than 10 people cannot gather.

The Foreign Office issued major new updates for Britons visiting Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey yesterday. 

In Spain, travellers are now advised that they will no longer be required to self-isolate upon entry but must meet three requirements.

The FCO explains: “On arrival, travellers entering Spain from the UK will not be required to self-isolate.

“However, they will be subject to the following three requirements: provide contact information and any history of exposure to COVID-19; temperature check [and] undergo a visual health assessment.”

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