Sunbed wars! Britons have towels taken away at five-star hotel in Tenerife – ‘Infuriating’

Tenerife: Hotel staff enforce rule by removing towels from sunbeds

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The staff at the Gran Costa Adeje Hotel took all the towels away after guests attempted to save the best spots. Amanda Proctor, a holidaymaker who was also staying at the hotel, filmed the moment staff started collecting dozens of towels.

The hotel in Tenerife had signs displayed where it said guests were not allowed to reserve sunbeds before 10am.

Amanda Proctor, who shared the video on TikTok, explained the hotel staff took the guests’ bags and towels and left a note saying where to collect their belongings.

The tourists who tried to reserve the best sunbeds later returned to find their spots had been taken.

In the video, one guest appeared to ask the staff members to leave his towel and belongings while they were being removed.

The video, which went viral on social media, had thousands of users commenting that hotel guests reserving sunbeds is just wrong.

TikTok user @LM said: “Every hotel should do this!”

Another one, @DeeCandlish, commented: “Ooh I bet it’s fun watching people coming back.”

Amanda Proctor replied saying: “It was absolutely hilarious!!

“Some never came back until mid-afternoon.”

Another TikTok user said: “It’s the ones who reserve poolside who don’t show up until 4pm.”

Kelly Craft Rea commented: “Cruises should do this too.”

@APSullivan said: “I bet every day, it’s a battle at the front desk.

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“So many entitled people in this world. Arg.”

“Not all heroes wear capes,” commented TikTok user Jen.

Another user who claimed to have worked at the hotel explained: “They take away towels that have been there longer than one hour without anybody actually laying there.

“Loved it.”

Nina Walker commented: “All hotels should do this. Nothing more infuriating than towels and no people.”

Renee Prz said: “Oh cruise lines take note, adhere to your policy. Love that this hotel is doing so!”

Lissacah agreed: “I can’t believe it’s a thing.

“Imagine going on hols and getting up early to save a seat!”

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